Edwin Quiros

Many people say that Edwin is a true artist.  Not only because of his fabulous art collection and passion for good design, but also because of his unique approach to hair that always demands attention.

As a Master Stylist, Edwin believes that “Hair is just another medium for creating art.”  Consider the time at the Royal Albert Hall in London where he created styles that changed colors depending on the angle… Or the avant-garde, geometric hairstyles that defied gravity…Despite his other worldly looks for the runway or photo shoots, his approach to everyday hair at the salon is modern simple and clean. “Everyone wants to look good, obviously— but looking good without looking like you’re trying too hard—that’s where the real artistry comes in.”  With 25 years experience in professional styling and grooming his work includes stars such as Ted Allen, John Leguizamo, Amy Garcia, Nick Carter, Julie Moran, David Foster, Rita Wilson and sports superstars like Ryne Sanberg and Ozzie Guillen.

He’s also worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Salon Selectives, Goody, L’Oreal Paris and Wella.  In Chicago, Edwin is one of the most respected stylists for weddings and special events.  He’s also worked on several movies and TV shows filmed in Chicago. Originating from Puerto Rico and living in Chicago, the 43-year old finds inspiration in not only art, but also architecture, design, and pop culture. Edwin’s clients know that he will always create a sharp, sexy and contemporary look.  “So yeah, I have a good eye. Good hair comes easy to me. You shouldn’t accept anything less.”